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Since the past, Nicolosi has always been called the Gate of Etnathe churches, the Monastery of San Nicolò l'Arena (now seat of the Etna Park ) where the first inhabitants settled, the three Altarelli which represent the traditional inhabitants’ votive altars in remembering the events related to eruptions of Etna, the Volcanological Museum of Etna and the Museum of the rural civilization. Leaving the centre, you can find the Monti Rossi, volcanic cones which had been formed by the 1669 eruption, today, covered by a dense forest of pine trees. In the Monti Rossi you can find the Etna Adventure Park for the enjoyment of adults and children. In addition, for those who love sports it is possible to practice mountain biking, riding a horse and, of course, hiking on nature trails.

“All that nature has great,
everything of pleasant,
everything of terrible,
it can be compared to Etna,
and Etna cannot be compared to anything”
(Dominique Vivand Denon, "Voyage en Sicilie", 1788)

In Spring and Summer in Nicolosi North (the Southern side of Mount Etna) excursions are organised to visit the crater of the volcano Etna at an altitude of 2500-3300. And trekking is also organised in the Etna Park where you can see forest landscapes and vast expanses moon. Nicolosi is the north arrival point in winter for those who love skiing, thanks to the many ski activities: skiing, alpine cross-country skiing, snowboarding and snowshoe hiking/trekking. At an altitude of 2000 several services are available: Italian ski school, ski-hire, snowboarding and ski lifts (ski lifts and cabin lifts).

«[...] You saw the generous
Sicilian mountains covered with vineyards.
You drank in Messina, Palermo and Mount Etna;
Catania filled you the cup. ».
(Jan Andrzej Morsztyn, "Georgiche", 1643-1644)

Etna Park offers not only the beauty of the volcano but it also gives you a nature tied to a particular territory and in an endless transformation. Visitors will enjoy the fruits expertly converted by the local population. Here foods act as mediators among the guest, the volcano and the Sicilian people. For those who want to participate in a festival, every season of the year is the right one. Do not miss all the opportunities of the festivals, parties and fairs to enhance of the so many local products of these places: wine, chestnuts, mushrooms, honey, cheese, cold meats and the excellent oil of Etna.

How to get us

From Messina - Taormina: by car

Catania Messina highway A18 exit of San Gregorio Bypass direction to Palermo, exit of Gravina di Catania, Strada provinciale 10 (provincial road), Mascalucia and Nicolosi

From Siracusa - Ragusa:

for their fast flowing roads to Catania, Bypass exit Gravina di Catania, Mascalucia continue for up to Strada provinciale 10 (provincial road) Nicolosi

From Palermo:

Palermo Catania motorway A 19

From Catania:

Via Strada provinciale 10 (provincial road) to Gravina di Catania, Mascalucia, Nicolosi and Etna